Our Marine Cargo Insurance Policy covers all methods transportation (Land, Sea and Air) for physical loss or damage to goods whilst in transit. Cover ranges from All Risks to specific named perils.

Coverage can be arranged on Open Cover Policy if shipments are frequent. Under this agreement we will insure all goods falling within the scope of the Open Cover Policy in according to pre-agreed terms, rates and conditions. Alternatively, we would be happy to provide insurance per shipment.

We can create customized ocean cargo and hull and liabilities coverage programs even for companies with challenging risks. Collateral loss, damage or shortage of goods cargo (Cargo Liability) is one type of collateral here at WORLDLINK INSURANCE BROKERS. Cargo Liability Assurance is very important especially for the type of cargo ship as Cargo ships, Tankers, and Barges and other vessels load cargo owned by third parties.

What is covered?
1. Loss, damage or shortage of cargo
2. Additional costs:
a) the costs, cleaning or disposal of damaged cargo / worthless
b) the costs of rescue or withdrawal of cargo, if it is possible to be able to resume shipping

As registered insurance brokers, we are authorized to carry out transaction of all classes of insurance which include the following, for which we are prepared to give you a comprehensive report on request:

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