This comprises Our Life Insurance plan that you can take out before you retire. It pays your family a guaranteed lump sum if you die during the term of the plan. Section 9 sub-section 3 of Pension Reform Act 2004 makes it mandatory for every employer of Labour with minimum of 5 staff to put up a group life insurance policy up to a minimum of three times annual emolument. Emolument here refers to basic, transport and housing allowances. The cost must be 100% borne by the employer.

Life insurance

Protection for Life – a flexible life insurance plan that can change as your protection needs change

  •  Life Cover
  • Critical Illness with Life Cover
  • Whole of life insurance



Our individual pensions cover both pre and post retirement. Choose a pension plan to suit you

  •  Stakeholder Pension
  • Personal Pension
  • Retirement Account


As registered insurance brokers, we are authorized to carry out transaction of all classes of insurance which include the following, for which we are prepared to give you a comprehensive report on request:

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