We offer you the highest quality, yet affordable car insurance that meets the minimum coverage requirements for your auto insurance.

We do work hard to get you the best possible motor insurance deal. Our providers offer different levels of cover with benefits such as breakdown assistancebonus protection and windscreen cover. We also have great deals for both women drivers and young drivers, tailored to their individual needs.

A car insurance policy with us goes a lot further than just your policy documents. Should you wish to make a claim, our experienced team will be on hand to deal with the insurer on your behalf.

That’s plenty of reasons to try us out at Worldlink Insurance Brokers. You would be glad to compare price, policy features and benefits from all of our insurers.

Whatever type of vehicle you drive, like other car insurance companies, we offer various levels of cover to our customers.

This ranges from third party, (the minimum level required by law) which protects only your legal liability for damage or injuries caused to third parties and their property; third party fire and theft (where you are guaranteed a payout in the event of your car being either destroyed by fire or stolen); and fully comprehensive cover which is a level of cover which protects both you and your vehicles from damage caused by third parties.


As registered insurance brokers, we are authorized to carry out transaction of all classes of insurance which include the following, for which we are prepared to give you a comprehensive report on request:



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