Our Corporate Philosophy

Based on the promoters vision of “culture of Excellence and Integrity”:

¨                  We are geared towards a dynamic, innovative and flexible approach to insurance broking.


¨                  Our priority is to provide personalized, quality-driven efficient services to our customers who are the pivot of our activities and existence.


¨                  A satisfied customer is the best form of advertisement in insurance.  Recognizing this, we pursue and document claims on behalf of our clients.  In ensuring that our clients’ claims are settled promptly, we from the inception of the policies provide reputable underwriters for our clients.  Of course, we may have to adhere to the instructions of our clients if they insist on any particular underwriter.


¨                  We owe all our customers the duty to honour our contractual obligations as maintained in our policies and other policies to which we have subscribed.  Prompt settlement of mature and genuine claims is our watchword.


¨                  We nurture a conducive environment for the professional and personal development of our staff as an integral part of our package.


¨                  We ensure satisfactory returns and high value-added to our shareholders’ investment through optimum utilization of our resources and available opportunities.


¨                  We treasure our contribution to the socio-economic growth and development of the country, being a responsible corporate Citizen.

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